Top Five Predictors for Student Success

How will we know if a student will be successful? In a recent article written by Tim Elmore, he outlined the “5 Greatest Predictors of Student Success”. In the past, our society has looked to the numbers associated with student intelligence – test scores, grade point averages, class rank, IQ, etc – to predict a student’s ability to succeed. But is traditional intelligence all that matters? Are there not other important traits that factor into success? After careful consideration, Mr. Elmore indicates that there are indeed five major predictors of student success – and none of them have anything to do with “smartness”.

  1. Connection to Others – Students should have good mentors and peers to act as their “guardrails”, people to keep them on track as they accomplish their goals.
  2. Resiliency and Adaptability – Young people need to be flexible, but durable, in order to cope with challenges. Adversity is a part of life, and not everything goes according to our plans. Students should be able to adapt to these unexpected changes and setbacks.
  3. Emotional Intelligence – It’s not all just about IQ. Students need EQ – emotional intelligence – as well. Self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management are all areas that students should focus on to be successful.
  4. Clear Goals – Every journey needs a destination. Otherwise, you just end up wandering and not making much progress. Students often lose motivation to work hard when they don’t have an end goal in mind.
  5. Good Decision-Making – Young people make hundreds of decisions that can impact their future every day. Making good decisions in one aspect of life often leads to making good decisions in other areas. Think about it – every day students decide what they eat, how much they sleep, how to spend their time, who they will associate with. These small choices determine the health, emotional stability, and safety of the student, which affect their overall ability to succeed.

At NorthBridge, we understand that these 5 key areas are extremely important to our students’ overall success, which is why we focus on many of them in our coaching and academic support sessions, and success workshops.  Contact us today 480-991-3686 if you are a student who needs some help, or know of one.  We are here to help!

Posted on July 29, 2016 in ADHD, Autism, Blog, Dyslexia, Executive Function, Student Success, Transition

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