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What can I expect in the program?


NorthBridge is a comprehensive college success program dedicated to helping young adults with learning differences. Our program offers the necessary skills to help you succeed in a postsecondary environment and accomplish your goals. The program provides the following:


  • Guidance — Detailed degree planning and course selection.
  • Mentoring — Career exploration and development of personal and academic resiliency.
  • Academic support – Up to four hours of one-on-one support each week and guidance each week depending upon your enrollment level.
  • Community — Skill building and self-advocacy workshops, as well as social events since college is a time to connect and build relationships.


How much academic support is provided?


NorthBridge creates unique academic support sessions based on each student’s needs. Students receive up to four hours of one-on-one support every week to establish a routine and increase productivity. In addition, our program offers workshops throughout the school year that will focus on academic and life skills, which are key to students’ success and independence.


Our academic specialists understand the importance of helping each student reach their goals. Through individualized mentorship, our center reinforces effectively planning strategies, developing and refining study skills, building reading comprehension, proofreading/editing essays and creating organized and efficient study plans.


How will NorthBridge help me succeed?


NorthBridge is not your typical tutoring center. You will receive individualized academic support. Our objective is to empower and help you develop the necessary confidence that will allow you to succeed.


Our multi-layered system will help you through each step of your postsecondary education from the start of your journey including: choosing a college/program, college enrollment, placement exams, choosing classes and registering with disability services. With the appropriate mentorship, you will learn how to manage your time, organize class material and set goals in your educational and personal life.


How has NorthBridge helped other students with learning differences?


Our comprehensive program does not just help students pass classes. NorthBridge students are excelling and building necessary life skills and confidence to be well rounded individuals. NorthBridge students enrolled in community college are 25% more likely to pass their courses, and 39% are more likely to stay in school and complete their degree.


Our program has a 89% success rate, with students passing 94% of their courses (D’s and F’s are extremely rare at NorthBridge). In all, the average GPA earned by the 150 NorthBridge students is 3.11. Thirty students have completed their academic program, as 4 students have earned their Bachelors, 23 have earned their Associates and 3 have earned certifications. We support short and long-term goals to help students with learning differences succeed at the postsecondary level and beyond.


What type of activities can I expect from the NorthBridge program?


Students do not just enroll in NorthBridge, they join the NorthBridge community. Students can expect more than just academic support.  Social events are planned about every other week throughout the school year allowing you to have fun with your fellow students. In the past, we’ve held video game night and attended sporting events, movie trips and bowling outings.


We also encourage our students to attend workshops held throughout the school year to focus on key learning areas. Some examples of these workshops include budgeting, community involvement, self-advocacy and study skills.


Who can I expect to work with on the NorthBridge team?


You will be paired with a college success mentor who is dedicated to your success and personal development. We understand each student’s learning styles are unique. Students are provided with educational planning, goal setting, time management, organization and learning strategies. During each session, students are provided with positive techniques to proactively problem solve.


Students also work with an academic specialist who reinforces effective planning strategies, refines study skills, builds reading comprehension, edits and proofreads essays and helps to create organized study plans.



What are the other NorthBridge Students like?


NorthBridge Students are like all college students, they like to learn, get coffee, laugh at YouTube videos, play video games and can’t wait for the next Avenger’s movie.

NorthBridge Students are between the ages of 16 and 26 and are all pursuing their postsecondary goals. The great majority of students have diagnosis’s of dyslexia, ADHD, or are on the autism spectrum; however, our program welcomes any student who is serious about doing well at the postsecondary level.


For Parents



What makes NorthBridge unique to helping students with learning disabilities?


NorthBridge is the only postsecondary support center of its kind in Maricopa County. Our mission is to provide students with support, resources and guidance as they transition, persist and succeed in postsecondary education.


Our organization was founded after key leaders at New Way Academy (K-12 private school for students with learning differences) observed intelligent young adults graduate from high school and then struggle with academic and social challenges at the college level.


Current data shows that with NorthBridge services, a student is more likely to succeed during their postsecondary endeavors. Our program is a vital support for students with learning differences, and it gives them hope that college is possible no matter how they learn.


How will this help my child?


For young adults with learning differences, earning a postsecondary degree may not seem possible. NorthBridge is dedicated to helping make the transition from high school to higher education easier for your child.


Statistics show that students in college with a diagnosed learning disability have a higher dropout rate compared to their peers. Not only does our comprehensive program have an 89% success rate, our students are more likely to pass all their classes, than their neurotypical peers. With the proper guidance, mentorship and community support, NorthBridge proves that college is possible for students who learn differently.


What kind of academic and social activities are included in the NorthBridge program?


At NorthBridge, we believe in the importance of building lifelong friendships beyond the classroom. College is as much about tests and term papers as it is about stepping out of your comfort zone, trying new things and making friends. Our program offers a variety of ways students can experience valuable social interactions.


From movie nights and sporting events, to skill-building workshops, we encourage friendships and social experiences at NorthBridge. Additionally, students can use our office to go above and beyond their scheduled sessions. Students can use the space to either complete assignments or socialize with their peers.


We also believe community service and philanthropy is crucial to a well-rounded college experience. Students are offered service learning opportunities such as joining our New Global Citizens Club where they can learn about current challenges our world faces and how they can make a difference. For more hands-on experience, our program offers a trip to Feed My Starving Children each semester to provide students with an opportunity to help those in need.


What kinds of resources does NorthBridge offer for me and my child?  


NorthBridge is dedicated to helping your son or daughter from start to finish. Our staff helps students make an informed and individualized decision regarding school choice when considering whether to attend a community college, a four-year university or vocational programs. Our mentors and academic support specialists are available to ensure that students have all required material and follow the necessary procedures to quickly and efficiently enroll.


Does NorthBridge use assistive technology with my child?


Assistive technology can be a huge help to people who learn differently. All of our students have access to our two computer labs which are equipped with all-in-one Dell computers or laptops. Our students are trained on how to effectively use Google accounts and the applications including Google Calendar, Google Drive and Google Hangout.  We have also installed Whitesmoke on our computers, which is an advance grammar and writing improving program that corrects as well as teaches proper grammar usage.


Additionally, we support Maricopa Community College Students in securing a Kurzweil 3000 (text to voice) accounts if it is part of their accommodations. We also train and encourage students to take advantage of the abundance of other helpful tools such as mind mapping, timeline and flashcard applications now available.



What kind of expertise does the staff at NorthBridge offer?


The academic specialists at NorthBridge are among the many aspects that set us apart from an average tutoring center. Our academic specialists are hired based on their experience in the special education field and their ability to effectively break down complicated academic content into ways that our students can understand.  Academic Specialists also enjoy connecting with and building rapport with students, which helps allow students to be more relaxed in their support sessions. Students will see the same set of specialists each week, which provides consistency and helps to ensure students’ strengths and weaknesses are being properly prioritized properly.


Our mentors are experts who are crucial in helping the student see the big picture. They help students organize their material, utilize technology to track assignments and deadlines and develop effective study habits while providing generalized academic support. Additionally, mentors make sure students are recognizing their progress; sometimes being shown how well one is doing can be key moving forward.


What is the cost of the NorthBridge program?


NorthBridge has combined all the key services most unique learners need to succeed in collge into two enrollment options.  The Success System Bundle costs $2,500/year or $1,350/semester, and Success Coaching Bundle is $1,500/year or $800/semester.  Additional 1:1 mentoring and tutoring can be added to each to meet the needs of any student.  Click here to learn more about the bundles.


NorthBridge understands that these prices may not be feasible for some families. We offer some financial aid and scholarships to need-based students. For more information about this please contact the Director of Admissions and Communications.



For Educators


Which types of students does NorthBridge best serve? 


More than 1 in 10 Arizona public high school students have disabilities; and one-third of these young adults do not pursue work or education following their high school graduation. NorthBridge specializes in helping all students with learning disabilities between the ages of 16 and 26 who are pursuing a postsecondary education. We specialize in helping students with a diagnosis of dyslexia, ADHD and high –functioning Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, but welcome any student who wants to do well in their postsecondary endeavors.


How can I connect the students I work with to NorthBridge?


Teachers who wish to refer a student struggling with learning differences are encouraged to get in touch with our team. Feel free to leave your contact information here and a NorthBridge staff member will get back to you within 24 hours.


Can I work with NorthBridge?


NorthBridge staff loves to support high school teachers and counselors and have several different engaging presentations we can deliver to your students.  If you would like to schedule a presentation or work or volunteer with NorthBridge you can call us at 480-991-3686 or contact us here and specify what you can bring to our team!






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