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Often times, while tutoring, one of the biggest obstacles I face is helping students organize their assignments and prioritize tasks. I always recommend that students use Google Calendar, but there are some students who don’t find it to be the best option for them. There are hundreds of apps, so I am always looking for the best ones that will keep my students engaged and organized. If they are not a fan of Google, we will find another one.

When I look around, most of our students are connected, getting messages on their phones, and notifications on their smart watches. So why not take advantage of this connectivity and use apps that students will use. Plus there is no worry of a to-do list or stack of flashcards getting misplaced. I chose these apps based on their ability to help students get organized and develop good study habits.


Quizletiphone and Android

Quizlet is an application used to create flashcards. The flashcards can be viewed on phones, tablets, computers, and even printed once they are created. Once the flashcards are created the student can convert them into a practice test or even games!

Refmeiphone and Android

Refme is an application that helps student reference materials. Students can add books by scanning their barcode, lookup websites, or by typing in the book name. The student can also change the reference type from over 7,000 options.

Evernoteiphone and Android

Students can use Evernote to keep notes, data, present, and discuss with group partners through one application. Evernote can be accessed through tablets, cell phones, and computers. Evernote is a great way to store class lecture notes especially if the student uses a note taker as an accommodation. 

Epic Winiphone and Android

This application creates an epic to-do-list! As the student completes a task, the character that the student designs levels up and travels further into their quest. This app makes a to-do-list fun and helps encourage the user to complete their tasks.

Mintiphone and Android

Mint helps you manage your income, set budgets, save, and helps the student visualize where their money is going.
Hopefully you find these apps as helpful and fun as the NorthBridge students! 

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