NorthBridge Admissions

Please follow these steps for Admissions into the NorthBridge College Success Program

1. Email us to set up a tour and meet with the Executive Director and/or Program Director. During this time we will discuss your student’s educational needs and post-secondary goals. 

2. Submit an application online. Please note that part of the application includes a $50 fee that can be made using the pay button. This button will redirect you to our PayPal account where you can make your payment securely.

3. Submit the following applicable documents via email:
  • College transcripts
  • Copy of IEP/504 Plan and Transition Plan
  • Copy of most current testing

Upon receipt of all applicable documents, the NorthBridge Admissions Committee will review the students application.

Once the committee has made a decision on a students acceptance into the College Success Program, the Executive Director will notify the family of the student. This email will have the enrollment and tuition agreements attached for their completion and return.  

NorthBridge Admissions Apply Online

NorthBridge offers monthly payment plans and Vocational Reb and ESA funds can be used to pay for NorthBridge tuition.

Upon admission and enrollment, the Program Director will schedule a meeting with the student. In this meeting the student will receive advice and assistance in college course enrollment. The  Program Director will then assist the student in enrolling in the courses that best fit the student. This may include recommending a specific professor or course. This may also include determining if the student should take online in-person classes or a mix of the two. We know every student is unique and we want to give them all the tools possible to help them succeed.

If you have any questions concerning the application or regarding the admissions or enrollment process, please email or call (401) 321-4059.