Citing sources can be a difficult and frustrating challenge. Various classes and disciplines have different ways of citing sources. The two main, styles MLA and APA. 

Citation styles


is primarily used within the liberal arts and humanities fields.


is common in the social sciences. Each class may have different requirements so be sure to read the instruction and syllabi provided if you are still unsure what your class requires then reach out and contact your professor.

Online Tools

Purdue OWL

is a wonderful resource that can help students with any specific questions that students may have when creating in-text citations and work cited page. This is the most widely recommend electronic source for information regarding citations.

Citation Machine. 

Citation Machine is a great resource and students are Highly Recommended to use this tool in their academic endeavors. Citation Machine can be used for free (by watching an ad after each citation) Or individuals may choose to pay a fee to use the service without ads.


The following links can help direct you citing:

APA Work Cited Page

APA In-text Citation

MLA Work Cited Page

MLA In-text Citation

To see sample papers with in-text citation you can use the following links:

APA Sample Paper

MLA Sample Paper