Coaching and Executive Functioning

Mentoring and Executive Functioning

At NorthBridge, academic coaches mentor students to assist them in developing executive functioning skills. Individualized 1:1 support is crucial in helping students move forward into college. Each student has their own obstacles to overcome. Coaches provide resources and tools to ensure college success. Once the student begins their college program, NorthBridge will be there every step of the way!

What Do Mentoring & Executive Functioning sessions entail?

We help our students develop the skills to more successfully manage their academic life. We utilize current assignments and instructions to help reinforce and focus on skills such as time management, prioritizing, setting SMART goals, creating time management plans, and communicating with the instructor. All coaching sessions are 1:1 and are provided weekly at our Scottsdale office or through virtual sessions.

Coaching Sessions

Mentoring Sessions Include:

  • Planning out assignments and weekly schedules

  • Utilizing technology & other planning tools to organize academic work

  • Working with students on strategies to get organized (cleaning out backpacks and organizing class folders)

  • Utilizing to ensure students are staying

  • on top of assignments

  • Providing student support in registering for Disability Resource Service (DRS) accommodations

  • Assist students in scheduling testing accommodations

  • Review effective strategies for note-taking

  • Assist students with outlining assignment instructions to ensure understanding. Creating a checklist to ensure that all work is completed accurately

  • Assist students in building stronger communication skills

Executive Functioning Skills