NorthBridge builds a personalized academic support session schedule for every student. Students receive one-on-one academic support weekly in various college content area. Our Academic Specialists provide support in areas of math, science, reading, English, computer information, humanities, general studies, and other content areas.
Our Academic Specialists support students by reinforcing effective executive functioning strategies, developing and refining study skills, building reading comprehension, teaching editing skills, proofreading essays, and creating organized and efficient study plans. The Academic Specialist will work with each student to review content material and to ensure understanding of key concepts.
We are more than just college tutors, we are trained, Academic Success Specialists. In order for our results to work, our coaches will review the student’s sessions and create a plan for each support session. Specialists review student progress weekly and send students/parents reminders for assignment submissions, deadlines, and other important timelines. We help teach the student the best way to study in order to ensure positive outcomes.


Standard vs. NorthBridge Tutor 

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Academic Support Sessions Include:

  • Reviewing and breaking down assignments

  • Editing essays and assignments

  • Studying for tests

  • Building stronger study skills (incorporating note-taking, highlighting strategies, and creating study aids)

  • Review of coursework

  • Review and revise in-class notes

  • Create an assignment calendar to ensure deadlines are met

  • Utilize sessions to teach the student how to navigate school/university LMS

  • Provide tips and strategies for utilizing Google Drive for assignment completion

  • Assist students in submitting coursework

  • Working with students to build an effective study guide